Thursday, May 11, 2006

From Blah to Argh!

Well, last night did have "less on the go" than Tuesday night did. But I wasn't taking the post-Tuesday-night exhaustion into consideration.

So: I didn't do any writing last night.

This is starting to really frustrate me. I mean, other things come up, there are priorities and responsibilities that come first - like my children. I understand that. I understand that there will be ebbs and flows to the cycle of craziness, and that I'm just in the middle of some busytime.

But it still bugs me, especially because I'm really feeling the momentum on the screenplay. I want to get down to it, get it done, and then start fixing it. I itch for this.

Which, view in the abstract, is a good sign - I'm feeling the need, which means I'm well on track to habitual writing - but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

Argh is the word, all right.

If I can write every day for the next week to ten days, with average or better output, I'll be done the first draft. I know what I want to do. I can see it.

Now I have to write it.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow will be "Yay!"
Hang in there. If it's calling to you that's always a good sign.

wcdixon said...

...the 'page count' blog...interesting - what is your target number? Hopefully, whatever it is when it's done...

Unknown said...

Thanks, Karol - we're not back to "Yay" yet, I'm afraid, but I really appreciate the support.

Hi, wcdixon!

I think of what I'm doing as a "process blog." It's a way to give myself a goal, along with an audience to keep me honest about whether or not I'm achieving that goal. Sometimes - a lot of the time - that means keeping track of whether I'm producing as much as I hoped to.

My target is four pages of screenplay a day, which is well above the ZERO I've managed for about a week now. But yeah, the final goal is "when it's done." I just hope that will be within the parameters of a feature film screenplay!

Thanks for posting - did you follow my trail here from Complications Ensue?