Monday, September 18, 2006

Season Premiere

Back from my summer hiatus. It's the new fall season, and it's time for the premiere of Season Two of Back From Erstwhile.

A bold new direction! More thrills, more chills, more laughs. And I've added an adorable wise-cracking kid to the cast, so you know I haven't jumped the shark yet, babies.

Whew. Sorry. I was channelling the annual NBC preview specials from my childhood. I'm better now.

But yes. I'm back. Back to Back From Erstwhile. (Upon reflection, that's a pretty clunky title, isn't it? Still evocative, though. I think I'll keep it.)

So, I can imagine you asking - assuming that anyone is actually still checking for updates - have things been happening?

To quote J. R. R. Tolkien, "Lots, and none at all."

Not a lot of writing has happened - the screenplay, for instance, remains incomplete at exactly the same 84 pages it had achieved some four months ago. Nothing seems to have come of the spec work.

What have I been doing? Well, working and taking care of my family, of course. But I've also been clearing the decks. Getting my ducks in a row. Pick your metaphor.

The kids are now both in daycare, which you wouldn't think would make a huge difference in my life, since I work full-time, but the impact has been profound. Basically, the kids are sleeping better. So Sarah (my wonderful partner) and I are sleeping better. So everything is better. I actually have the physical and emotional energy to use my creative faculties again.

Also, over the past two months, exciting new opportunities have opened up. Details are pending, but there are two very interesting projects, both of which have a much better chance of panning out than the spec work did.

(One is basically a lock, and I expect to be announcing it here before the month is out.)

I feel like writing again. I feel alive again. I feel renewed.

I have that sense of imminence. That things are about to happen.

So watch for updates. There are going to be some interesting ones.

Welcome to the second season.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Rachel! It's nice to BE back.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Yay! I agree with Rachel. And looking forward to your upcoming announcement.