Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Did I Really Used To Update This Thing Weekly?

Where the hell did I find the time?

Zzz + Owie = Zowie!

I'm tired and sore today.

Sore because I worked out on Monday night -- but not at the gym. Due to various adventures in scheduling, I had to pick my son up from daycare. So, I worked out after the kids were in bed; I climbed the stairs in the building, from the ground floor to the top. Twice. My legs are still sore, which, oddly, never happens to this extent when I use the stair climber at the gym. I can't quite figure out if that means I did something wrong, or something right. Oh, and I'm helping my sister-in-law move a 100-pound cat toy tonight, so wish me luck.

I'm tired because I spent Tuesday night at a creative meeting for a new project that a friend is getting off the ground. The details, I should probably keep under my hat for now, but it's a cool project involving lots of interesting, talented people and it promises to be a lot of fun. And, you know, given the opportunity to stay out later than I should talking shop with other writers...

So yes. Tired and sore, but both for good reason. 

Could I Have The Gain Without Pain? Please?

The Cold Iron Badge website was hacked last week -- just as we launched an advertising campaign, no less, although I don't know if that was coincidence or connection.

Our comic was replaced by a creepy, ghostly image of a guy who needs a shave, and text in English and what I think was Arabic crowing about how pathetic the security on our site was.

Um, yeah, dude, we're a rinky-dink little webcomic that runs on a blogging platform. Hacking into our site isn't exactly on par with convincing the launch system at the Pentagon that it's playing a game of chess with Professor Falken. But, you know, if it makes you feel good about yourself...

Actually, since the simplest solution was to have our web host wipe the site clean and start over, Patrick took the opportunity to do a redesign, and I must say, it really is new-and-improved and better-than-ever. There's another recent example of pain leading to gain (the pain in this case being Patrick's, as he did all the work). So thanks, creepy smug hacker guy!*

The disruption only lasted a couple of days, and doesn't seem to have cost us any readers, but we'd still appreciate your kind attention -- so if you haven't read Cold Iron Badge yet, or you need to get caught up, this would be a perfect time. Check us out at

Ideas: Threat Or Menace?

I'm still having a hard time narrowing my focus down to one non-comics project, but I think that's coming. I've got a couple of short pieces that have been rattling around in my head, and it looks like the only way to make them stop will be to actually write the damn things. And I'd like to get ahead with 'All That Glitters' again, so that I have a few installments in the can and I'm not spending all my writing time chasing a self-imposed deadline. Not that it isn't good motivation, but I'd like to start playing a somewhat longer game, and actually get one of my Big Projects finished. Is that too ambitious? Yeah, probably, but time, and I, will tell.

Oh, and I’m experimenting with posting to the blog via email, and the last time I tried that, the formatting got really wonky. My apologies if it looks like I’ve inexplicably made the decision to add several dozen unnecessary line breaks to this update. Try to think of it as part of the adventure.  


*But please don't come back. We still hate you.

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