Friday, June 23, 2006

Has It Really Been Two Weeks?

Yeah, it has. Two weeks since I've posted. That's really annoying.

There has, in fact, continued to be rather a lot going on. My daughter started day care. My wife had surgery. I was so wiped out following the big conference at the Day Job that I a) got sick and b) actually fell asleep in a public waiting room at the City's Day Care office.

So I've been pretty sucktacular at finding time to write. But I'm getting together with my dear friend and former screenplay-writing-partner Nicole over the weekend, and we'll be kicking an idea or two around, so there should be something more interesting to report shortly.

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Anonymous said...

As you titled your previous post, Life keeps happening, in spades it sounds like. Sheesh. Hope your wife is doing well. I don't have anything smart or inspirational to say, but wanted you to know I'm still checking in on your blog.