Friday, June 09, 2006

Life: It Keeps Happening


Work - my Day Job (tm) - is returning to a more measured and predictable series of demands on me and my time, now that our big annual conference is over.

From this weekend forward, I should be able to do some more writing. I need to get back to my daily updates. And finish the screenplay. And there are other irons in the fire.

There have bit a lot of irons in the fire, lately. Personal irons, family irons, professional irons. A lot has been happening.

It's a Time of Change.

I've often thought - and I know I'm not alone in this - that whether it's literally true or a function of perception, changes in our lives seem to occur in rapid, clustered bursts, interspersed by longer periods of relative stability.

It's like the evolutionary theory of Puncuated Equilibrium - well, it is, in the same way that Social Darwinism or Moral Relativism are like evolutionary theory or the work of Einstein.

(In other words, not really like that at all. But it makes a good metaphor and provides a vocabulary.)

So the changes are coming fast and furious right now. Many good, some not so much. I can see resolution - stability - on the horizon. Coming in stages, incrementally, but coming all the same.

And bit by bit, in stages and increments, I'll be able to devote more energy, and more time, to my journey back from erstwhile.

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