Thursday, April 20, 2006

Going Where The Spirit Movies Me

One thing that I've been trying hard to do is not second-guess the process.

That's hard for me. My tendency is to over-think, and to let that analysis take the place of action. But that, of course, is one reason that I've been an erstwhile.

And Rachel is correct in her insightful comment on yesterday's post. My plan is supposed to be freeing, not limiting. The goal is to write, not to find another reason not to write.

So last night I forged ahead with the screenplay.

In this particular format, word counts don't accurately convey progress. The basic unit of measurement has to be the page, each of which can have a radically differing word count depending on whether it contains more dialogue or more description and action.

So, while I hit my target at over 800 words, those 800 words - more than I wrote for the screenplay on either of the two previous nights, amounted to slightly fewer pages.

The screenplay now stands at 14 pages, which puts it at about 10 - 14% done, and near the end of Act 1 for those who adhere to traditional 3-act screenplay structure.

I can expand on this if anyone's interested, but screenplay structure is a widely-covered topic, and almost any introductory screenwriting book will explain it.

So: My goal for the screenplay is going to be four pages a day. If I can do that, I'll have a completed first draft in less than a month.

This is a bit audacious of me. This is going to be quite a ride.

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