Friday, April 14, 2006

Laughter Through The Blears

Whew. Last night started out like chewing glass. I was very, very tired - two kids plus a full time job plus all those late nights were catching up with me.

I still haven't gotten back to the short story. Last night I could barely see straight, and I certainly couldn't get back to the narrative that I've been developing. I was seriously considering the idea of free associating onto the keyboard, just to make quota.

Fortunately, I'd been annoyed earlier in the day.

An exchange of emails with someone had brought up some issues. Not with the other person involved, we sorted it out and we're cool. But there were some things I hadn't said. Some points I hadn't made. Something I needed to express.

So I found a thread to follow. And I followed it for 565 words last night.

And 553 more tonight.

Tonight, I'm still tired, but it's not as insanely late. And I'm finished. I hit my target. And I learned.

I learned that I can spread writing a passionate screed across two days, when I'm less passionate the second day. I learned to work in my writing earlier in the evening. I learned that I can stop writing and start again over the course of an evening without losing too much energy or direction.

Tomorrow's experiment: Can I jumpstart the short story after setting it aside?

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