Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Night Owls Are Not What They Seem

Well, something clicked last night. I don't know if I was hitting my stride, or if starting earlier or better rested gave me the energy I needed. Or maybe I just got to a part of the story that I really wanted to tell.

Probably it was all of those things.

I got back to the short story last night - it actually has a working title, so I'm going to starting using it: Creeping Murmur and the Poring Dark.

889 words. Still not quite sure how I managed that - but that character I like was talking a lot, which probably had something to do with it as well. Definitely going to need some editing if the story's going to get a second draft, but his energy is infectious.

And did ever feel good to start and finish at a saner hour. In their comments on an earlier post, Rachel and Karol both expressed some amazement at the late nights I've been pulling over the past week as I made a start of the writing.

Well, I knew I couldn't keep that up for long. It's really not sustainable. Really, really, really not. (Good thing I had the long weekend to recharge.)

The late nights were partly a question of time management - learning again how to fit writing into my day, and partly is was working at building the habit. Also, I felt that it was important, having made the committment, to not let obstacles and excuses get in my way - including being tired.

One of my goals for this week - Week Two! - is to better integrate the writing into the rest of my life. To not have to work at 1:00 in the morning. Because the ultimate goal isn't just to write, but to write well. For that, I find that it helps to be awake.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it great when the characters write it for you? Glad you've gotten some rest! Congratulations on making it through week one. Oh, and I love the title of your story. Very curious as to what it's about.