Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"More Frequent Updates" I Said. Ha.

Hmm. I'm not all that great at this "blogging" thing, am I? Anytime I'm doing something interesting enough to blog about, I'm too busy doing it to blog about it.

But other people are interesting and blog about it at the same time. How do you do it, interesting people who blog? How, I ask? HOW?!

In other news, I turned 36 yesterday. I'm working on a neat new comics project with an old friend who also happens to be a great artist, so that's exciting - more on that later, since he doesn't want me to post any samples yet. (There's no finished art, only designs.)

Oh, and the writer's group meets on Thursday. I circulated my submission, an outline for a new screenplay, to the others at the meeting in late September. I haven't thought about it much since - I've been busy with the aforementioned New Project. I should re-read it before I have to defend it, huh? :)


Duncan said...

I so understand the posting thing...I started of thinking I would do it everyday...but I sort of lost track of it!!

Unknown said...

Yeah. I'm still not sure who stole the month of October. I mean, I remember September and I know it's November now, but the tenth month seems to have vanished.

Maybe it was demoted from being a full-fledged month? Like a Pluto of the calendar? I mean, that's logical, right?