Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mental Decompression: Thankfully, Not Explosive

Ah, that's better. Brain re-combobulating.

Did anyone else ever play that game with an apple when you were a kid? Twisting the stem of your apple, and with each twist, saying a letter of the alphabet? The letter you were on when the stem finally broke was supposed to reveal the initial of the person you would someday marry, or something.

Note: I never got anywhere near "S," so what does that tell you about the effectiveness of applemancy?

Regardless. I was feeling a little like an apple stem on the penultimate twist, for a while there.

I overdid it a little trying to finish chapter two of the New Comics Project, and had to take a breather. As the Genius Artist pointed out, it's not like I'm on a really tight deadline for the script, so a couple more days to get it right is no biggie.

I expect to have the chapter finished shortly. And yes, around then, I'll be able to do the Big Unveil and give a name and some details to the oh-so-secretive New Comics Project.

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