Saturday, November 03, 2007

Mulling: It's Not Just For Cider Anymore

As I type (while also sipping on a root beer with all my customary delicacy), Boogie Nights is playing on IFC in the background.

That's an interesting, albeit trivial, coincidence, because I've been thinking today about an interview with the writer/director of that movie, Paul Thomas Anderson, in the book I'm currently reading -- Best Interviews 1994 - 2004, from the magazine Creative Screenwriting.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying: I have been mulling over how to approach the New Screenplay.

I have thought about it while thinking about how other writers deal with their screenwriting. I have thought about it while thinking about how I deal with my screenwriting. I thought about it while my daughter was sitting on my lap, watching a Blue's Clues video, just before her bedtime.

I'm thinking about it now.

And I think I'm close to an answer. I feel a hunch, an intuition, bubbling up from the simmering soup of my subconscious.

But it's not quite fully formed. Almost, but not yet.

I think I need to sleep on this. For one more night. And see what the morning tells me.

Good night.

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