Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Two Decisions and a Metaphor

(First decision...)

I'm going to focus on the New Comics Project. It's what I'm feeling most passionate about, and it has the advantage of being something that's actually happening. Right now.

(Second decision...)

However, when I do turn my attention back to the New Screenplay, it's going to be with the goal of actually writing the screenplay.

I can only work on an outline for so long, and I think I hit "so long" with the discussion and notes around the draft that was reviewed at the writer's group meeting. The feedback I got was really helpful, the ideas that it sparked had real possibilities. But the thought of pouring that energy into another draft of the outline is not at all appealing.

(And here comes the metaphor...)

The actual writing -- of a screenplay or anything else -- is a journey. An outline is an itinerary for that journey.

I think it's time to stop planning the trip and hit the road.


Anonymous said...

Oooo, New Comics Project!

Unknown said...

Yep. Show and tell is going to be fun. :)